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Block Moulding.

AFK Plastics / Block Moulding

Block Moulding

Since the market launch of its EMTower machine range, Erlenbach has been setting new standards in the manufacturing and processing of EPS block moulds. The innovative technology enables the processor to continuously adapt to constantly changing market situations. There is a range of block mould sizes, including variable width and height, each with the same high build quality and efficiency in production.


  • Leading process technology due to fully electronic regulating systems
  • Modern PLC control with operator-oriented interface and processor-oriented menu design
  • Shortest cycle times
  • Low energy consumption
  • Homogenous distribution of bulk density
  • Low residual moisture

New Anti Bending System

Erlenbach have developed an anti-bending system, which greatly reduces the tendency for sheets to curl when cut. This system combines several measures to reduce the bending by using the effect of the block press and compression in the block mould which has an additional advantage in the reduction of the steam pressure required in the process.


  • Reduction of storage time to up to 24h
  • Steam savings in the block mould of up to 15%
  • Improving of the insulation properties without changing the material density leads to material savings
  • By using Erlenbach´s EMTower anti bending system you will reduce your production and energy costs and increase your storage capacity



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EMTower Brochure.

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Watch videos of the EPS machines by visiting the Erlenbach website.Erlenbach

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